As concerns about the spread of Coronavirus increase and the increasing number of businesses and schools continue to close, we’re reaching out with a brief update to let you know how the Savvy House Hunting team is planning to provide support during this time.

As a software company with a virtual team, Savvy House Hunting is not likely to be majorly affected by the current situation, however, here is a little bit of information on how our team is working to continue providing great customer support for our Savvy House Hunting agents:

Our team is continuing to work. While it is our goal to carry on normal business hours, just know that all our families are being affected by this as well. This means kids won’t have school, service providers and businesses will be shut down, etc. Life will be different for a while. As we all know, this is expected to be the case for several weeks.

Our Agent Success Team will continue to provide support from 9am-4pm CST Monday - Friday. We will also be occasionally checking in on our support channels during nights and weekends to make sure that our agents are taken care of. Please note, that while we will continue normal business hours, there may be an occasional delay in your support. No worries, just make sure you include your email address and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The good news is that the software platform that we’ve built for agents will help you to continue to serve clients during these unprecedented times. You’ll still be able to use our platform to hold open houses….virtually. Let your clients safely stay in the comfort of their own homes, while you go tour a house, then go home and upload it onto our platform to see if that’s a home if they’re interested in.

At Savvy House Hunting we are committed to positive action during this time for our team and their families as well as for our agents. We will continue to send updates if needed as the situation evolves.
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